Little Falls

small -ss town in the middle of minnesota. consists of several bars, churches, a movie theater, bowling alley, and a super walmart.
aka small falls, b-m f-ck no where, and hicktown
little falls, where old people come to die
a very small yet highly populated town in p-ssaic county new jersey. it is a relatively quiet town compared to its neighbors, such as clifton and paterson. the town is broken up into three unoffical sections, relativaly: great notch (north) the “center” and singac (south). those born and raised here rarely leave, at the most they will land themselves within 30 miles of the town and many natives will die here. unless you have buisness in town, you will most likely never see this place expect p-ssing by along route 46 or route 23. the center of town is not actually the center of town, however quick check is. should you be seeking a long lost friend, or trying to find something to do on a friday night, quick check would be your answer, you will find what you are looking for. the township buisness and political sectors are dominated by a handfull of families, should you be a member of one of those familes you are set for life. if not, you will most likely not survive long. (they are mostly itialian or polish so beware) speaking of itialian or polish, the town is primarily caucasin, with a small about of asians followed by an even smaller number of africian americans and hispanics. many are drawn here and many stay due it being one of the few safe areas remaining in p-ssaic county. it is a slightly expensive town, however not as expensive as neighboring wayne. most teenage and out of school kids visit sourrounding towns for entertainment, because there is nothing to occupy time with the expection of the willowbrook mall in wayne. the town also sees an influx of college students during the school year as montclair state university partially resides in the township. many locals relate to msu as the “local college” because many of those locals are alumni or attend the university. overall, in comparision to the sourrounding areas, the town has remained mostly unchanged over the years and it’s close proximity to new york city makes it a jem!
little falls resident: yes, i live in little falls.

newark resident: where?
“small falls” where there is a small d-mn. charles lindbergh originated from little falls.
“where do you live?”
“i live in little falls”
“don’t you mean small falls”

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