little green

a small d-ck; or a d-ck so big its not funny
brock has a nice little green its not funny

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  • c*ntis puntis

    a word primarily used by scottish people which means if you are going to be in a fight you will receive and c-ntis puntis scot – oi mate hess gonna get a c-ntis puntis subrina – nah m8 plz dont

  • virtual double take

    to view a received picture or video for a second time on snapchat. the vegan cinnamon roll picture that cullen snapped autumn looked so delicious, she did a virtual double-take.

  • hoperience

    a level of being a hoe (sl-t, wh-r-, thot, homewrecker) that is higher than any said person should ever be, an amount of s-xual experience that rivals a prost-tute, but has never been paid for any s-xual act. that girl has so much hoperience that if shr was being paid for it she eould live […]

  • microphalise d*ck

    usually referring to a p-n-s under the size of .3 centimeters when flaccid get that f-cking p-b- outta my vag…. oh wait thats you microphalise d-ck

  • moist p*n*s

    a moist p-n-s is when you bust a nut at your wife’s funeral. hey guys i just got a moist p-n-s last weekend.

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