Little John

sen. john edwards, american vice-presidential candidate in 2004. contrasted with his running-mate sen. john f. kerry (big john). (kerry is taller than edwards, and was running for the more important position.)
a lot of people think little john is hotter than big john. little john is a rockstar!
a lad who’s room smells of cheese. he has a mayonnaise fettish, and has a p-ssion for girls that look like him. regularly seen with food all over his face and chest, and a general terror to all the single ladies. typically identified by his posh accent.
“what was the guy like?”
“he was a bit of a little john really, i walked in his room and nearly died from the smell, plus he had a pig in a wig laying next to him”
1.) an extremely good guitar hero player who won’t even play it because its now boring

2.) a guitar hero
“dude, stop being so littlejohn…at least give me a chance to lose”
the most blatantly r-t-rded person in the universe. little john takes to making fun of others when he is unable to face the fact that he is wrong. his greatest insult is to call his opponent in a debate ‘little’, ironic, considering that his name is little john.
little john: accually, it takes several swings, forcefull swings to break a bone with a hand axe.

sparda: little john, go to your nearest hardware store and buy yourself an axe. now, get the person nearest to you to hack at your chest. only once. send me some pictures of what happens.

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