an organ that regulates blood composition, stores vitamins and nutrients, and acts as a filter to help clean out toxins from the body of both humans and animals. for some ungodly reason it is also cooked and eaten by people who are slowly losing their humanity.
“oh my god did you see that post that jasmine made about eating liver? yuck!! remind me never to have her bring food to any social gatherings.”
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what im slowly destroying
odds are 3:2 that i’ll die from cirrhosis of the liver
an evil piece of the body that must be punished with copious amounts of alcohol.
“the liver is evil and must be punished!”
females that keep parties krunk
the party was wack due to the lack of livers.
an organ in your body

my future child’s name whom will be totally cool…too cool for school.
liver eat your liver for it is good for your liver!
an african american transs-xual in the prison system.
“running the jail,” frankie said, “also meant that i got access to anything i can put my hands on…for example, cheetos! that’s what i looked for at first. i ended up with liver, meaning a black cheeto.
anyway, the h-rny guy that i am, i had to get my issue. plus i needed someone to clean my cell and do my laundry. i would have him come in my cell and clean it. i would have him naked cleaning the floor on his hands and knees….”
– from jonsjailjournal
unknown piece of forien organs
that liver is not of this world
someone who is ace enough to play on xbox live obviously.
d-mn cr-pcorn, you are one mother f-cker good liver.

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