a guy who is really annoying.
stop being a llyrsid.

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  • dirty bobbie

    it’s when a woman throws a matrix movie at a man’s head two days before new year’s eve. then time freezes and she beats him dirty with a tennis racket. rachel dirty bobbie him unconscious.

  • snapchat slag

    a girl who sends that many nudes on sc she should change her name to p-rn hub that morgan has send nudes to me and all my mates she’s a snapchat slag

  • slaa

    1. a person referred by the nickname “slaa” at all times 2. the subject of fascination by teen girls what is good my dude slaa? carne aslaada uh slaaaaaaa dude

  • cheese b*tch

    someone who is always the b-tt of the joke; usually among a well-intentioned group of friends but sometimes p-ssive aggressively aimed at a member of a group that isn’t well liked. modern use related to older concepts such as scapegoat or whipping boy. “dude, why are y’all so harsh on trey all the time?” “nah, […]

  • girl stud m*ffin

    a hoe who can get any guy she want any time and doesn’t care what people think about her. she is such a girl stud m-ffin. i really hate her

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