laughing my -ss off and it rolled to austrailia
-something funny-


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  • flaptures

    the two sheets of skin that are the upper cleavage of an ageing woman. aww f-ck dude, one of mrs. hadogen’s flaptures is hanging out. excuse me miss, there seems to be a small rodent trapped under your left flapture. boom right in the flaptures!!

  • flapping the paper *sshole

    a phrase used to describe the act of publicly announcing personal and/or private information in an inappropriate setting. a friend of mine had -n-l with a fat chick, and then by way of flapping the paper -ssh-l- let everyone know about it at the bowling alley. he received a lot of awkward stares…..

  • definitewee

    the way black people (such as kern) say, or try to say, definitely. it is very fun to say, and can be pr-nounced def-in-it-we. i definitewee didn’t take da cookies playboi! i definitewee did not tell you to sell. i would definitewee put that booty in my face. the way black people (such as kern) […]

  • defriendinition

    submitting, in some form, your friend’s name as a definition on urban dictionary inundated by defriendinitions, it is understandable that occasionally a few get by the editors.

  • deg*yification

    the act of turning someone straight; as noted by critic becca about the movie “saved”. becca thought nic was gay, so she sent him to degayification camp to attempt to turn him straight.

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