laughing (laughed) (laugh) my big fat b-tt off.
the comedian was so funny all i could do was lmbfbo.

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  • shno dat

    it comes from “you already should know that” but say it fast like you shnooo datt! or u sno dat! dude1: ayye! hollow da don beat the sh-t out of goodz! me: yea u already shno dat!

  • he came out with his shame out.

    this phrase was developed from the ‘rock out with your c-ck out’ genre. it refers to ‘the walk of shame’ which people do early in the morning trying to avoid being seen returning home from a drunken or regretted s-x session the previous night. 1- “look dude there’s steven!” 2- “haha! this is the reason […]

  • sho-f*ck!

    it is the term used when you are about to call shotgun to be in the p-ssenger seat of a car but then one of your friends says shotgun faster than you right when you are saying sho, so instead of finishing the shotgun you say f-ck, hence, sho-f-ck! ricky: sho…! andrew: shotgun! ricky: sho-f-ck! […]

  • shoujo

    anime/manga aimed at young girls, or anime/manga containing abundant themes and content that would appeal to young girls. that card captor sakura anime is shoujo anime or manga meant to break your heart, filled with love triangles, betrayals, and darkness. filled with bishounen, and required by j-panese law to have at least one shounen-ai relationship […]

  • helip**pter

    the act of taking a dump while holding on to a ceiling fan making you spin like a helicopter. jack: man these stool softner pills are not working… any ideas? tim: well i tryed the helip–pter and it cleaned me right out.

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