laugh my f-cking -ss off roling on the floor laughing out loud.
dude 1: i like pie.

dude 2: lmf–roflol!

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    stands for laughing my f-cking -ss off big time me: hey did you see that b–tch picking her nose, i thought she was gonna pull out her brain? friend: yeah, i was lmf–bt at her, she was a dumb -ss, so her brain would have come out easily through her nose.


    lick my f-cking b-tt hole as defined by students of duke university. the term originated from a group of six students that needed a good word to tell stuck up b-tches to f-ck off without actually using the words “f-ck off.” it has been storied that this term has actually resulted in one b-tt hole […]

  • lmfaoshism

    lmf–shism:laugh my f-cking -ss of so hard i sh-t myself used in online chat conversations backround: made up by some kid trying to be origional…brendan this ones for u… guy: hey man b–bies!! guy2: lmf–shism greatest word ever! guy: swoot…

  • Poo FM

    where a person listens to the noises of another person taking a dump. this act can be conducted either on purpose or completely by accident. common noises are often “splashes” or “plops”, but also man made noises such as grunts and squeals. eric: oh dude, you gotta hear the noises walter is making in there! […]

  • Poopjuicing

    the circ-mstance or situation of epic failure, and or the feeling of extreme discontent. in a game of bowling, john threw his 3rd gutterball, and said “man i’m p–pjuicing this game”

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