laughing my f-cking -ss off rolling on the f-cking floor
i’m lmf–rotff

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  • chochmonkey

    that person that always messes things up, like parking or even eating. dude how did you do that? your such a choch monkey someone who takes being a choch to the next level, they normally think they are hard stuff when in fact they are just a f-g. that guy over there is for sure […]

  • c*ck mooch

    a c-ck mooch is someone who mooches for the c-ck. they mooch around to get c-cks, no matter what size, color, and cleanliness. you are a c-ck mooch! that girl is a c-ck mooch.

  • kylamie

    she is a very ugly wh-r- who likes to date many people at once, she is a p-rnstar who licked p-ssy before she is such a kylamie

  • dumpster puppy

    dumpsters puppy refers to the act of taking a sh-t in the middle of the night in a back ally trash can. ronny: oh man i really need to take a dump, but the line for the bathroom at this club is so long. donny: easy just go lay dumpster puppy.

  • cajero

    an extremely weird, funny family with either a strict mother or a strict father at times both. god that is such a cajero family

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