laughing my f-in -ss off while on the floor
omg how did you get tickets to the tampon 200? oh we pulled some strings and got good seats!!–lmf–wotf that was gr8 !!

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  • Plumbered

    one who has been shown a plumber’s crack. dude, you’ve just been plumbered!

  • Poontan

    poontan has two definitions (1) a cartoon characters in an anime series. (2) poontan which is a slang description of s-x. ” i only fight for one word. and that word is poontan “. -full metal jacket.

  • Pop Shop

    a strip club that offers full nude dancers but serves no alcohol. often available to 18+ due to the lack of liquor. we can’t go to grinders since joe is only 18. let’s try the pop shop instead.

  • Lockboxin'

    when one has to micturite yet refuses to do so. i have to pee so bad but i’m lockboxin’ it!

  • Sicken Choft Tacos

    bad luck p-ss-p–p tacos. based on sicken, choft, and tacos. etymology: originating from a spoonerism common in the early 21st century resulting in an unfortunate combination of real words that formed the most disgusting dish imaginable. sicken choft tacos batman! look at her cooter!

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