laughing my life away
when we were jumping, i fell off and hit a chair. lmla

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  • the eli situation

    when you have the s-x before you get your lips defloritized mannn, the eli situation has me f-cked all the way uppp.

  • tamda

    tamda is a loving and caring person until you mess with them. they can get mean and is very easily tempered. protecting the ones is there top priority. “man that tamda is scary i messed with her little sister i got a beat down.”

  • airlee

    she is a very gentle, kind and sweet person who is very funny. she is pretty and has light brown hair. she loves to play soccer and is very sporty. i would love to be airlee

  • nigerian wrath

    when you -j-c-l-t- so much into her that she breaks all laws of sp-ce and time, and implodes. the nigerian wrath can and will destroy this world.

  • clementine ford

    a name used by australian males when sh-gging a feminist up the -rs- from behind. hey mac i did clementine ford last night.

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