laughing my mother f-cking -ss off yo
your dumb dudee.

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  • loaf bedazzlement

    when one defecates into a gl-ss display case containing precious metals or gemstones. when the loaf rolls down into the case and comes to rest, jewelry sticks to, resulting in loaf bedazzlement. “wow, keith took a dump in that case of diamonds. i didn’t know he was into loaf bedazzlement!”

  • Loboslipaphobia

    the fear of being chased by timber wolves around a kitchen table while wearing socks on a freshly waxed floor. “tommy’s inability to find his shoes, coupled with leaving the back door open, triggered his loboslipaphobia.”

  • Crusty Quads

    when someone has already has been s-xually used, by multiple others in a short time period and the next person up isn’t getting a green hit by any means. they are getting the remnants of at least 3 others incidents which took place and have left the area not only sloppy, but now from time […]

  • lochness poopie

    when your feces makes sea-serpent like curls or protrudes in part above above the water line in the toilet i blasted a wicked lochness p–pie! i think it turned and looked at me…

  • niggerless

    adjective, to be without n-gg-rs. i’m going where the n-gg-rs aren’t; i’m going to be n-gg-rless.

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