lick my p-ssy!
if a guy is p-ssing you off, turn to him and say, “you know what (name)…lmp” and just walk away.
like my pic .
hey can you lmp ? thanx !
lick my pu55y, or lick my v-g-n- witch is l.m.v
1.b-tch, you can lick my pu55y you hoe.
amber, l.m.p baby i love you.
le mans prototype. they are specifically built for use in the le mans 24h, and are the successors to the earlier group c cars. some notable cars include the audi r8, bentley speed 8, ferrari 333sp, toyota gt-one, and the famous “flying” mercedes-benz clr.
you can buy your own lmp…for about $5 million.
means last message please, used after going offline unexpectedly due to various reasons and coming back online after missing the previously sent message
john: i had so much fun at the party

jane: (offline)

john: you there?

jane: -lmp
lesbian midget p-rn
lmp is a bunch of gay lp’s getting together.
leck meinen p-n-s (german)
lick my p-n-s (english)

colloquial for “suck my d-ck”

ey lmp..it’s so f-ckin hot

wow lmp this girl is hooottt

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