what happens when you accidentally hit the “c” key instead of the “v” key while typing the word “love”
oh man, i loce that!!!
meaning you love someone but you love them more than the word love. you say this to people who are always there for you and always make your happy
i loce blake more than anyone ever could.
to love, but as a friend. used instead of i care about you. also used to stop confusion caused by some people mistaking loving someone as being in love with someone.
i loce my bestfriend.
i totally loce you, man.
the hip new way of loving on someone. also, a common typo for love.
person a: – loces real hard on you –
person b: what the f-ck is that?
person a: the hip new way of loving on someone!
a spice to be used in the culinary arts.
“i need a half a teaspoon of loce, now!” said the chef.

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