loch raven technical academy

a middle school located in towson, maryland. the majority of the students are black, and more females attend the school than males. it has four magnets, all of which take no talent to get into. most of the teachers are annoying and fake, though if you don’t p-ss them off they can be super tight with you. there are literally fights once a week at minimum. if you walk in the hallway while cl-sses are in session, you will most likely see ghetto girls twerking and making music videos on their phones or dumb -ss boys talking so incoherently that it is no longer english. between cl-sses, you’ll always get b-mped into in the halls by some weirdo doing the naruto run or have someone try to break your ankles by cutting in front of you. the school has a few cliques: the weirdos who eat gr-ss and pick their noses, the edgy teens who wear black lipstick, the nerds who dress up like furries and draw pictures of anime characters, the c-cky boys who think they’re cool because they made a good rebound in pe the cl-ss before, and the ghetto -ss girls who snap at each other and have nails so long they could stab someone with them, and the norms who just wanna get their three years over with and leave. the school has a lot of f-cked up flaws, but don’t worry. if you’re about to or currently attend lrta, you’ll learn how to survive in the school in no time and come out being the most street wise freshman. if you do it right, you’ll make friends who will make your years at loch raven memorable.
scenario 1:

sarah: “omg there was a fight at my school today!”
sharkisha: “a fight? pfft, who gives a sh-t? those happen all the time at my school girl!”

sarah: “oh, you must go to loch raven technical academy then…”

scenario 2:

teacher: “everyone flip to page 328.”
daquan: “everybody say sausage keep it goin’-”
teacher: “you’re staying here for lunch, mister.”

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