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  • prilla

    a prilla is something that you place in your upper lip. another name for a prilla is; snus. “hey man, would you lika a prilla?” “yes please!”

  • fletton

    a word best described as someone who lives in a council house and tends to wear clothing with large brands on, calls their granny ‘nanny’ and works as a labourer but buys bottles of grey goose on the weekend. derived from fletton in peterborough where the fletton brick is made, the cheapest brick you can […]

  • pengness

    used to measure how hot a girl is from a scale of 1-10. hey what would scarlett johansson on a scale of 1-10, pengness wise?

  • hogistics

    the art and science of keeping your steady and your sidepiece from running in to each other. dave got busted at the club again. he really needs to work on his hogistics.

  • flaming peac*ck

    while having s-x with a girl you light your p-n-s on fire and then proceed to put it out by thrusting into her while screaming “the flaming peaaacoockkk”” man last night me and this short s-xy girl were doing it when did the flaming peac-ck by surprise

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