a website 4 f-getz

duedz who r f-getz

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  • loking

    when someone chokes on a liquid that guy had a drink then started loking.

  • sn*ssified

    the art of being a sn-ssy. a greedy, low-life sn-sshole 1. a sn-ssified person is one who takes advantage of a t-ssy by being a big man on campus poa. 2. someone who sells pizza sauce, and acts like a t-sshole.

  • 200 joints

    a chinese buffet in hattiesburg ms claiming over 200 dishs when it only has about 15. son!!! let’s go smash some 200 joints after we get off

  • sn*tchsquatch

    a girl that let’s her pubic hair grow with wild abandon. i was eating out this sn-tchsquatch the other night and got enough hair to make a wig stuck in between my teeth. just like the mythical creature of old, said to roam the deep forested areas of the north american continent, the sn-tchsquatch is […]

  • drunkenstud

    bees go after honey. gay texans go after drunkenstud. child molester see: paedophile can also mean: midget, alcohol intolerance, h-m-s-xual, deviant man, that dude in the nursery was definately a drunkenstud midget alcohol disposal

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