the complete and awesome leetness of laughing out loud. only true thugs lolizzle. often related to the slang of shizzle, rizzle, nizzle, etc.
yo homie, i lolizzled so hard the blunt broke in my pocket!

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  • lolygaging

    lolygaging = a group of n00bs loitering cause they have nothing better to do. lolygaging = a group of n00bs loitering in a corner behind a mac’s.

  • lomaphobe

    someone who has gigantic b–bs and uses them to tease gay men. guy: oh my gosh your b–bs are mahssive dahling! i wish i had a pair like that. lomaphobe: you want them? you do? well, you can’t. hahahaha.

  • lomita

    a small city in the south bay. only go there is you want everyone to know all your business. the area is densly populated with alot of white boys that think they are either (a.)gangsta’s (b.) motocross racers or (c.) really really gonna get that casual card or a book someday……. you know youre in […]

  • flangst

    (n.) a combination of fluff and angst. somene being egregiously sick on their death bed, and then waking up only to stay by his or her lover’s side forever.

  • molecular reincarnation

    n. karma-less form of reincarnation that is based on conservation of m-ss and energy where atoms/molecules/energy is recycled back into the environment randomly. the “circle of life” song in the lion king is so about molecular reincarnation.

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