a frigid b-tchy c-nt.
sue is such a lollipop. she won’t talk to anybody that isn’t loaded.
frigid b-tchy c-nt
well aren’t you a f-cking lollipop?
an innocent children’s treat that implies p-n-s.
lil’ wayne: “i’ll let you lick a lollipop.”
small child: “really?!?!”
1. a form of candy on a stick.

2. a p-n-s.

3. a wack -ss song made by some p-ssy -ss wannabe gangster named lil wayne who single handedly killed hip hop. he also stole the t-tle from snoop dogg like most of the time he does. dont like to hate on people but i mean, every where i go somebody is riding his d-ck, if he has a d-ck.
1. wow this lollipop tastes so good!

2. -s-x sounds- oh yeah baby, now lick the lollipop -c-ms-

3. -lil wayne in concert-

lil wayne: she l-l-l-l-licked me like a lollipop

real hip hop fan: shut the f-ck up, the only p-ssy ur gonna get is birdman’s, go suck a d-ck. you cant rap, a 5 year old could spit better lyrics then you ever will. you know why everyone is riding your d-ck? because you sell records to a bunch of spoiled rich kids and a bunch of teenage girls who think your hot even though you look like my dog’s -ss. i actually should apologize to my dog’s -ss.

lil wayne: -cries and runs off the stage-

concert host: ok, lil wayne got off stage so now lets welcome, the renegades, jay-z and eminem! make some noise!

-jay-z and eminem start to perform renegade.-

real hip hop fan: ok this is more like it.
a phrase used in an awkward situation.
person 1: “i’m not going to school tomorrow.”
person 2: “lucky!!!”
person 1: “…i’m going to a funeral…”
person 2: “lollipop?!”
a sweet that is sucked. the interesting thing about this word is that originally meant a toffee apple. it is a fairground word from the romany ‘loli phaba’, meaning red apple.
telly savalas sucks lollipops

loli phaba maishinava khal, khal,
yek pash tutir, yek pash mandir, hop, hop, hop. (romany song)
a lollipop is used to describe a girl or guy who was a pretty face but a mediocre/plain body. it is the opposite of “paper bag”.
guy#1: dudes, what do you think of that chick over there?
guy#2: she’s got a cute face.
guy#3: yeah, she’s a total lollipop.


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