a long thing
that is so longgally

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  • dulqueradi

    the act of escaping or eluding from responsibilities by faking a runaway for/with bae. he dulqueradied to kashmir on his cl-ssic 350.

  • no beans

    when u have a lack of beans “hey bro u got some beans” “sorry, no beans”

  • leftster

    a leftist hipster especially the obnoxious socialist kind who does pay taxes, accepts responsibility, and complains about the economy not suiting his or her needs. a leftster is totally insane and whines about obama not having a third term.

  • kierwan

    a fat hairy man that loves dipping eggs in the pavement. woah, that man must be a kierwan!

  • banded peak school

    a yoke f-cking yoke of a place, needs to be teared down. banded peak school means short bus of schools.

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