when something is “lit” and like “chill at the same time.
yo home slice, joe just ripped a 5g bowl, yo that sh-t loomin

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  • baby adult

    an 18-20 year old human. mom: “happy birthday, son! you’re 18 years old today, wow!” son: “thanks, mom. yup, i’m an adult now! legally i can do whatever i want and you can’t ground me.” mom: laughs “adult? you’re a baby adult.”

  • suegirl

    the male equivalent of a tomboy. also known as g-y. “hey dude, wanna get our nails done?” “ew no. you’re such a suegirl”

  • rotten b*tch syndrome rbs

    a girl who has a horrible feminine issue due to promiscuity, neglect, and general lack of self-care and hygeine. luckily this happens to a truly horrible -sshole. this is not a one-off time, but an unholy smell from the dying lands. it’s a problem that if one sticks their p-n-s in it, it will gangrenously […]

  • pillow book

    a book that has pillows as it’s cover i don’t like hardback books i prefer pillow books

  • swesticals

    when a male get sweaty t-st-cl-s he has swesticals. sweaty+t-st-c-ls=swesticals man i have sweaty t-st-cl-s i guess i can call them swesticals

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