edited, deleted, changed
edit a post on a bulletin board, usually by a moderator with a heavy hand. “you have been ‘looned'”

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  • grimmance

    to be used if something horrible, or grim has happened to another person for example andy “i fell in dog poo this morning” john “argh, grimmance man”

  • devrah

    1 person armed with 2 large swords or weapons who pretends to keep order but really just slices you into 2 when she feels like 2 fictional character told by parents to get their children to go to bed 1 that cop was unfair.. he gave me a parking ticket.. what a devrah 2 go […]

  • grippa

    a word meaning “really”, “exceedingly”, “very”, or “a lot of”. a west coast equivalent of “wicked”, and often used as a replacement for “h-lla”. 1) wow, you were grippa drunk last night, dude. 2) it’s grippa rainy out right now. 3) um…my neighbor’s grippa sketch. 4) holy h-ll! don’t go out there! there’s grippa ninja […]

  • hymm

    n: derogetory word; an object to which you are refering adj: awesome, amazing, sweet you are such a hymm look at those hymms over there that was quite hymm

  • loppa

    a friendly greeting, synonym of hi or h-llo. in agreement with great excitement and joy. a screech of excitement. a useless word to say just for the sake of saying it. usually said in three octaves above the soprano voice range. loppa!! loppa gangnam style sonahaie!

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