Loose Ass

1. nickname for someone who is gay or is acting extremely gay. meaning there p–p chute is wide open. loose -sses can often be heard coming by the distinct flapping of their -ss cheeks.

2. a girl who gets rammed in her b-hole very often
yo wolfgang was eating a banana very s-xually today, i bet he’s got a loose -ss.

i’m bout to get it in tonight, the girl i’m dating is a loose -ss
an extremely gay person’s -ss. taking it in the -ss a lot. having a loose -ss from all the gay s-x.
lindsay’s ex boyfriend hs a very loose -ss from taking it like a b-tch.
being reckless, relaxed and irresponsible. a guy who just loves to have fun.
dude1: that guy doesn’t give a f-ck about the world. you should’ve seen the way he drives his car!
dude2: yeah! what a loose–ss!
john henry dupis
john henry dupis has a loose -ss
someone who p-sses extremely rancid gas on a regular basis. the original loose -ss is a man named “lucky” in portland, oregon.
sh-t, what a f-ck-ng reak! lucky has a loose -ss.

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