mythology that people believe is true, but with a twist of their own personal biases. similar to religion, but religion is organized. this would be less organized beliefs that have no basis in fact, and include a belief in ghosts or the supernatural, bigfoot, ancient aliens, that vaccines cause autism, the earth is flat, the earth is 5,000 years old, or jesus came to america.

many adherents of these beliefs claim to trust science, but cherry-pick what they call science. they often refer to others as “sheeple” and insist that others need to “wake-up” because they did their “research” (“research” is code for googling until you found something that matches your beliefs).
jill’s child got autism, but she did not vaccinate because she believed in anti-vax lornge. she was not sure what to blame, so she did her “research” and on the third page, found an article by natural douchebag news blaming gmo’s. “it must be the chemicals, she thought”

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