times of hardship; rough circ-mstances.
i am truely sorry for your lots.
used in england, to denote a group of somthing
i hate you lot (as in i hate you guys)

that lot is a bunch of sh-t (that stuff is a bunch of sh-t)

i don’t like that lot much (i don’t like them very much)
living online together.

the act of two users pretending to have a (virtual) relationship on an online forum, to add some drama to the forum.

they post dirty talk on each others profile pages, have avatars with the other persons name in it, express their love for their partner in their signatures and heavily quote each others posts. having a lot-relation can quickly make both users known at the forum and is generally a source of amus-m-nt aswell.

a partner may find himself heavily frustrated upon seeing a new name in their now ex-lover’s signature or avatar, indicating that he/she has a new lot-buddy. this oftens happens when the unlucky user has been inactive or was just boring the sh-t out of his/her partner. lot-breakups sp-wn more drama at the forum, adding up to the fun of having such a relationship.

see also: lat
hamstercookii: cashboy <3 <3 <3 u viewed my profile page without leaving a msg 🙁 cashboy: dont worry cookii a lurk says enough between us :$ hamstercookii: aww sweet that avatar u made wait i'll make one of us toooo <3 <3 cashboy: yeah its for that awesome bj u gave me :$ hamstercookii: ooh i know haha i just love youuuuuu ! <3 skater666: aww come on cut this lot-relation cr-p already! this is the parking area at a wookfest, aka phish show. usually filled with dirty hippies peddling everything from fake acid to gl-ss d-ld-s. "yo brah we gotta bounce now so we can sell the bunk doeses in the lot. " "a lot" - shortened for the slacker-types of our generation. (you know we can't waste our syllables...) darel: "how much you got on you, punkazz?" hans: "lots." darel: "that means?" hans *daka daka ensues* "nunyas". p-ssant. legacies of toast. a failed variation of lol, common acronym for "laughing out loud" and the lesser known "lots of love." nerd 1: have you heard about the new final fantasy? nerd 2: no, what's it called? nerd 1: final fantasy 17: lot (legacies of toast) nerd 2: cool! let's touch each other's p-n-ses! a place of work (for those on tour). here you will find many hippies trying their d-mnedest to sell: ganja snacks, hemp jewelry, and bunk doses to unsuspecting custies. "my friend got his tank confiscated in lot" "i bought this shirt for $10 in lot!!!"

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