Lou Barlow

1. one of the most amazing indie rock/lo-fi song writers ever. was in the bands dinosaur jr, sebadoh, sentridoh, the folk implosion, and a solo record. his songs are usually about love, hate, and j. mascis. some of his best songs include brand new love, gimmie indie rock, back to your heart, and the freed pig.

2. once wrote a song about a girl, and was quoted to say this about it: “she took me back to her apartment, and started playing me all these songs. and all i wanted to do was kiss her. but it didn’t happen, and it was never going to happen, so i wrote a really mean song about her. cause that’s ust the kind of guy i am. i’m a p-ssive, aggressive, motherf-cker.”

3. hated j. mascis for a long period of time for kicking him out of dinosaur jr. the song “freed pig” is about j. in an interview done by pitchforkmedia in 2002, they asked lou about a story that had been going around about how kim deal of the breeders (and earlier of the pixies) had played freed pig for j, and he had been so stoned he didn’t know the song was about him, so j said he thought it was a great song. lou’s response was, “i would ask her, but it just sounds too good to be true.”

4. a b-ssist, guitarist, and singer.
“follow what you feel / you alone decide what’s real / anyone could be your brand new love / anyone could be a brand new love.”(brand new love)

“now you will be free / with no sick people tuggin on your sleeve / your big head has that more room to grow / a glory i will never know / a glory i will never know”(freed pig)

“its a new generation / of electric white-boy blues / c’mon, indie rock!” (gimmie indie rock)

“any spot could be the beggining of the brand new tangled web you’re spinning / anyone could be your brand new love / any tie that holds can be broken / tear your bitter world to the open / anyone can be your brand new love.”

“lou barlow is freaking amazing.”

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