kick -ss hard driving rock
their latest recording

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  • loxl

    a term invented for sheer randomness, a spinoff of the popular “lol.” meaning: “laugh out x-tra loud.” person1: omg, this online quiz said i’m gay?! you: loxl!!

  • Luczy

    a fantastic last name. usually paired with the first name, matt. with the combination of these two names, the bearer often makes an amazing boyfriend, incredible musician, and is also known as a greek s-x god. see matt. “i’ve got myself quite a luczy.” “lucky!”

  • chronophage

    somebody who waste your time, who literally eat your time. stop bothering me your chronophage!!

  • hemorrhoid hounder

    a male h-m-s-xual. “look at that queer, he is such a hemorrhoid hounder”

  • Shampoo Cannon

    when someone uses a pressurised can of shower gel/shampoo and squirts it directly into the eye of another man, the victim will proceed to try and rub it out of there eye, consequently the gel foams even worse and causes excruciating pain to the eye causing the victim to hop around grabbing his eye shouting […]

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