louie the fifth

it’s a white russian with cognac, but since it has cognac it’s a white frenchman. it’s a white frenchman with a secret twist.. coffee, and who drinks coffee? kings do. so the drink is named “louie the fifth”, louie not only refers to the king but also the creator of the drink.

look, just try this amazing sh-t:

2 parts cognac
1 part kahlua
1 part coffee
add milk (1 1/2 parts recommended)
served on the rocks
excuse me. may i get a louie the fifth? keep the change.

excuse me bartender? may i get a white russian, but with coffee and cognac?… you mean a louie the fifth dumb-ss?

i don’t usually drink white russians.. but when i do.. i make a louie the fifth

yo.. louie the fifth? with dat coffee sh-t in there?!?

have you tried a louie the fifth?

b-tch walk up there and get me a louie the fifth… for free.

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