one who is addicted to love-making and is prideful, not shameful of it.

that woman over there is so pretty, so cl-ssy. i bet she’s a lovertine as well

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  • erove

    to erase any evidence of, for the sake of denying any partic-p-tion in a specific event, or any event, for that matter jenny went to my webmail account and found all my e-mail to candy before i could erove them.

  • gas guzzla

    any female who hoes around behind gas stations (gas) sucking the c-ck (guzzla) for money. friend #1: get a load of that sk-nk behind that sh-ll station. friend # 2: oh yeah, total gas guzzla.

  • quick buck

    (n.) a lump sum of cash recieved instantly for selling out good charlotte realised they suck, so they sold out and made a quick buck

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    an area of downtown vancouver, bc. it borders on the impoverished east side but isn’t quite as run-down (though it has some of the seediness). a hub of culture and nightlife in the city, it is home to bars, clubs, restaurants and smoke shops. while not quite as polished and family-friendly as other areas of […]

  • gah in your mouth

    crem’e da la face, aka swallow you sucked me off so good, i had to gah in your mouth.

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