lovina is a word that cl-ssifies only the highest cl-ss of women. a lovina is beautiful, smart, funny, and nice. forget dimes, a lovina is a quarter. as a quarter, (two dimes and a nickel) a lovina equates one’s dream girl. a lovina is someone you would never dream of, because she embodies absolute quality and perfection that exceeds your dreams.

a lovina has one of the most beautiful smiles a man could ever ask for. when she smiles, you smile, and you never want to see anything else but a smile come from her face. sometimes a lovina’s smile can be so powerful that one could become speechless and be blown away completely. if this occurs, and one is speechless for longer than 5 minutes, it is important to contact the emergency room. although lovina’s represent perfection, in some cases, their beauty could be too much for the common man.

a lovina exemplifies st–z. a lovina cannot be cl-ssified as a lovina if she does not have her own unique style. it is important to note that a lovina’s style is never static, she is constantly forming new styles. despite this, some known styles for lovina’s are:

-cool sungl-sses

-black on black
-a different purse for a different mood
-a colorful scarf that is never tied
-more black

due to a lovina’s rarity, it is extremely detrimental that you never lose her. if for some reason you do, you will never forgive yourself. cherish ever single second you have with her because you truly will never know what you have until it’s gone.
the girl i met in my law cl-ss was so beautiful it was almost like she was a lovina

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