there aren’t any definitions for lovinia yet.

can you define it?

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  • legacy game

    a tabletop game that physically evolves as the players play senario after senario. this can include adding stickers, tearing cards, and making permanent rules changes. pandemic legacy & gloomhaven are the two most popular legacy games.

  • what are ye doing in my swamp

    a term use in the movie “shrek” and the youtube video “shrek is love, shrek is life.” usually triggers people. luke: “what are ye doing in my swamp?!” brendon: “no. stahp.”

  • cucka edda

    the italian version of “cuck.” usually used by italian grandmothers. that old man is a cucka-edda. he has a mustache that’s older than the universe.

  • ghetto tan

    tanning anywhere other than a tanning salon, beach, pool, or somewhere tanning is socially acceptable. so laying on your deck or your driveway in a bathing suit. “yo, wanna ghetto tan on my deck this weekend ??” “i’m down, my guy”

  • fexter

    another term for a noob gamer. typically for those players who consistently plays the same game and doesn’t grow in skill or knowledge. why ya being a fexter? stop feeding fexter! are you a fexter? cartoon v-g-n- brett: “dude, i havent been able to get off recently… so, i found a fexter in my biology […]

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