a very good adult website
the adult videos on lubetube are very stimulating
s-xual lubricant dispenser. usually in the form of a toothpaste-like tube. used during the act of -n-l s-x.
clive, grab that lube tube and grease up. i’m going in.
revision- is a good website, but often gives viruses to those who go to it. i would not suggest this website. a website of the same caliber though is
“ was good until they had all those stupid advertis-m-nts that give you viruses.”
“i agree, they need to fix that or i’m not going to it anymore.
lube tube is the female version of a douchebag. usually identifiable by the wearing of uggs and a northface. if wearing sweatpants too, then definitely a lube tube.
while walking around the mall i saw a whole pack of lube tube’s.
slang term for v-g-n- or -n-s, in the case of gay men.
man, she has one h-ll of a tight lube tube.

she don’t need no ky jelly, her lube tube is slick.

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