a way in which to define the situation of your c-ck. usually a semi lubr for a semi rock on. there’s also known to be a 3/4 lubr by lew pel.
“that girl had backs, she gave me a fat lubr”

“i was walking round for 2 hours with a semi lubr. it was a madness”

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  • nxtup

    an athlete/person who feels their overlooked but still feels their nxtup to do great things i am nxtup even tho i didn’t play at a division 1 school.

  • tercyduque

    getting pulled over or manipulated by a person or other. goddamit kenny you make me tercyduque by that police

  • salty chutto

    getting a bl-w j-b under water tom got a salty chutto from rachel last week at the beach.

  • trappa p*ssy

    it’s when the p-ssy so good it’ll trap you and make you never want to leave her: was the s-x good? him: yes you a gotta trappa p-ssy lol

  • mud sparrow

    a dirty bird ah j-fly , see that mud sparrow over dar , she be leechin!

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