lucky cigarette

an excuse not to give your last cigarette away.

your “lucky” is a cigarette that you turn upside-down first before smoking any others in the pack, and is intended to be the last cigarette of the pack that you smoke.

this is only one of many possible reasons behind the lucky cigarette.
thing 1: “hey man, can i b-m a smoke?”
thing 2: “sorry…i’ve only got my lucky cigarette.”
the lucky cigarette is made by a set of rules ending in luck. there are several ways of determining which cigarette is the lucky one. some people like to pick the 3rd cigarette in the front row from the left. others like to open up the pack and slightly shake it down or flick the bottom of the pack to see which cigarette comes out the farthest. then the chosen cigarette gets turned upside down to be considered the lucky cigarette. the lucky cigarette is meant to be smoked last to give that person luck for that day. but if the lucky cigarette does not get smoked last then you receive bad luck. to gain the luck back you must smoke someone else’s lucky cigarette to reverse the bad luck.
sebastian: “why are you flipping that cigarette upside down patricia?”
patricia: “because this is meant to be the lucky cigarette!”
sebastian: “oh that’s awesome, wish i had some luck.”
patricia: “next time you get a pack, flip the lucky one!”

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