a purple skinned, block head, that’s obsessed with kissing cheerleaders. usually skis in high end places and chugs down things that kill you.
i hate luddy!
a large uncoordinated individual, generally with a distinct lacking of motor skills. these individuals are also noted to wear cheap replica jerseys more often than would be considered healthy, with a distinct fear of driving cars to unknown places
“–large crash– d-mnit luddy!! did you just trip on that same cord again ?!!?”
a horrible romance between lucas douglas and lisa cuddy from the tv show house. this relationship has been the cause of many huddy shippers distress. this romance has been a horrible twist to the show and has caused ratings to drop and has broken the hearts of many huddy fans. this awful plot has been created by david sh-r-, whom is absolutely oblivious to the fact the house and cuddy are soul mates and should have extremely hot, real s-x. this ship has caused house md to loose many fans and has cause many to verbally abuse the actor michael weston who plays lucas. huddy shippers are desperate for the luddy ship to sail away.
luddy s-x only lasted 2 minutes; huddy s-x would go on for days.

i can’t believe david sh-r- brought stupid luddy to the show

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