a cute adorable girl perfect all around usually has a big -ss and will do anything for a friend and is amazing in the bed
man1-i got a piece of lulita

man2-no u didn’t shut up

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  • marinating the beef

    the process of lubricating one’s genitals (most commonly the p-n-s). i couldn’t put it in, so i tried marinating the beef and voilá! it finally slid in.

  • kizo

    kizo is basically the definition of a c-nt kizo was such a c-nt today when he called his sister ugly

  • ramn

    to barge (someone) roughly at a music festival, at a night club, or in any venue where there is loud music. i was moshing when someone ramned me so hard i accidentally bit jonty on the elbow

  • malia oliver

    hottest girl in the school that doesn’t realize that u really like her. goes out with your best friend. has the fatttttest -ss on campus. a great best friend. super loyal and an overall bad -ss b-tch wow that malia oliver is soo hot, she has the best eyes, -ss and of course personality!

  • prettying

    the act of being pretty jessica is taking forever to get ready for the dance, she’s spent 30 minutes prettying herself up for her date

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