a little c-nt that likes to suck on his own tiny 1 inch c-ck.
hi there lulo!

lulo: f-ck off im sucking my own d-ck right now, you’re interrupting me. if you do that one more time i ‘ll hit my sister again.

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  • skrtified

    a person who is certified in skrt. knows how to hop outta any situation real fast by skrting away from it. person 1: hey do you know where kristen went? person 2: no idea, she must be skrtified.

  • siaonly

    it is two words. lonely + silently = siaonly. ( use it when your depressed ) i siaonly stood there while i realised that the person was not waving to me.

  • t*t cl*ts

    a set of nipples that once aroused will grow to the size of a mini sausages. bro, i was making out with gina this morning. i ate her t-t cl-ts for breakfast.

  • moon rage

    when b-tches be crazy on their period. as soon as i walked in she was mad! that moon rage came out of nowhere!

  • thunder flapos

    justin’s big meaty p-ssy lips wow!! have you ever seen justin’s thunder flapos??

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