a very beautiful person. caring too. she gets a lot of attention, but she doesn’t even realize it, which is something amazing about her. she’s sometimes in her own little world, and everyone wants to be a part of that. she’s innocent and always seems happy. cute and tiny. she’s very fun and funny. it’s always a pleasure to be around her. she can handle any situation well, and knows how to plan. has a way of talking to people. she’s spontaneous and can be crazy, but in a good way! she’s honest and very loyal, which people love about her. she’s easy to get along with, and a smiley person. she has a great personality that everyone loves. if you’re facing a problem, she’ll jump at the chance to help you, without expecting anything in return. you should consider yourself very lucky if lulwa loves you, because she’s very unique in every possible way. lulwa’s man is/would be the luckiest man on earth, because she truly is a treasure.
lulwa in arabic means the small pearls

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