a little c-nt who’s a ho. big -ss
luminita does anything

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  • downtown abbey

    when people mistakenly refer to the british drama series “downton abbey” as “downtown abbey”. these are usually people who have never watched the series but want to have something to talk about to their smart/posh friends who like that kind of stuff, often in a bid to “fit in” or be perceived as normal in […]

  • notardishness

    state of notardish; state of elderly ; notardness; natardiness; state of notardy after all, the man’s notardishness was rightfully smug.

  • gemger

    (n.) jem•jur- a ginger with a soul. drew’s a real gemger. gotta love that kid.

  • fuck mothering toaster strudel

    that one little smug son of a b-tch that will stick itself up your mothers’ -n-s toaster strudel: “oh f-ck yeah, johnny’s mother is home, and taking off her clothes; time to dive in!” “oh, d-mn! that f-ck mothering toaster strudel sent itself up my mom’s -ss again!”

  • midnight maruders

    dope name to call your graduation squad. midnight maruders is being defined: “hey dudes, we should probably call ourselves something cool”. “yeah man, let`s call ourselves midnight marauders!” “yeah, sick name bro”.

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