1. someone who deliberately misleads and abuses a group of people due to his inability to support himself.

he would lund his own mum for a tenner.
2. to lund them into a false sense of security.

3. someone who wants what everyone else has but doesn’t want to work for it.

he lunded my eggs to make omelettes. he lunded my last happy pill.
4. what’s mine is definitely not yours. someone who will manipulate those near to him for his own personal gain.

lund, lunded, lunding, lundism, lundist (insincere) lundicious, lundability, lund-trap, lund fingered
whose been lunding my beer?
if you want any tobacco left in the morning – don’t go to sleep or you will be lunded.
he had set a lund-trap (he gains peoples trust before swiping)

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