a gang member belonging to the blood gang
that luney was shootin’ up the house last night.

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  • f*cksquat

    an amount equivalent to zero “i know f-cksquat about the hardcore bdsm lifestyle”

  • lurkdom

    lurkdom is the state of sitting in the shadows of an internet chat room or newsgroup without partic-p-ting i must come out of lurkdom to let them know.

  • fujikuni

    intense b-lls-x d-mn that was the best fujikuni ever last night

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  • bus stop w*nker

    a w-nk-r standing at a bus stop whilst your in a car. whilst driving to the college bill : “look at those bus stop w-nkers” bob: rolls down window “bus stop w-nkers” bill: “nice one”

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