Lupin the 3rd

an anime shown on cartoon network’s adult swim lineup. it’s about a gang of theives trying to steal everything that looks valuable and an insane detective who is determined to catch lupin, the main character of the show, at all costs. most of the characters on the show basically all look alike: the men are all tall and skinny with bowlegs and the women are tall and thin with big b–bs. at first glance, the show looks a little like cowboy bebop, but without sp-cships and inerplanetary travel.
for an older anime, lupin the 3rd isn’t bad.
lupin the 3rd is a kick-ss j-panese anime show. aired in j-pan during the late 70’s and early 80s for about 3 to 5 years. in the j-panese episodes he is called “rupan sansei.” the show has 3 seasons the 2nd season being the longest and lasting for 2 to 3 years. first season wearing a green coat, second season with a red, and third season was seen with a pink coat. he is a handsome and cunning ‘gentlemen’ theif who can steal anything and everything which he wants… the only thing he cannot get is the love of fujiko. he is world reknowned for his theivery skills and is a 3rd generation thief. jigen, goemon, and fujiko -ssist lupin with his plans to steal the target of choice. inspector zenigata is always around to arrest lupin, because he has dedicated his life in doing so. the show has recently been appearing on adult swim showing the first portions of the second season.
“the new episode of lupin the 3rd is on f-ck yeah!”

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