luring is a way of making money on mmorpgs, in example, runescape, by tricking stupid n00blets to get killed and stealing their belongings
n00b: cen u plz take me 2 ardougne.
lurer: alright, follow me.
n00b: ok, thx. -follows-
lurer: alright, we’re almost there.
lurer’s friend: -ice blitzes the n00b-
n00b: omg u lurer! -dies-
n00b: i gunna report u 4 luring me.
lurer: you do that, r-t-rd
the term is from the norwegian language and is used to describe very smart persons, or people that look smart.
markus: hey vetle, you are a luring
vetle: g-d d-mnit, markus. of course i am.

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