state where two people are good to each other without wanting anything in return
helga: “they make such a nice pair”
hermann: “yep,they are in luvbiosis”

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  • lochary

    a great guy who has no chill and will bash your f-cking skull in with a brick negan is such a lochary.

  • tommy brown

    having s-x with someone in another person’s tent and wiping it on their sleeping bag. i did a tommy brown at camp last week.

  • darlisha

    a stupid, rude girl who is a bully. don’t get on her bad side, or things will happen. darlisha punched me.

  • silent shooter

    a man that’s quiet, a man that does his talking on the basketball court, a man that blocks out all the hate, a man that respects everyone, a man that prays for everyone , and a man that handles his business. we call him “silent shooter” because when he shoots it’s silent.

  • feeding syndrome

    when a player in league of legends is compelled to die a lot and build spastically while costing a match a player on my team has feeding syndrome and cause us to lose the game

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