a female who is a total pimp.
d-mn that luvsnash gets all the boys.

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  • lyred

    -verb, to lyre -the action of striking a person or object with a lyre(musical instrument) dam the guy got lyred how could you tell? he still has strings sticking out of his head paul just lyred the music teacher. is the lyre ok?

  • lawlerblader

    an emphasis on the word lawlz instead of “lawlz!” you say “lawlerblader”, thereby bringing more attention to the word “lawlz”

  • lawlerkittens

    lawlerkittens has no definition. it was a word created by a dood named schmokin to make himself sound kewl, and it worked because no one can figure out wtf it means. at the beggining of a online multiplayer rpg one might say to their opponent; “good luck, have fun, make lawlerkittens.”

  • Lip Press

    to place ones lips on another person, without puckering. a gesture similar to a kiss, but lacking effort and/or p-ssion. jim: i saw you kissing my girlfriend, jack. jack: no worries jim, it was just a lip press.

  • left-footed

    a less offensive way of calling something or someone gay. you know how i know your left-footed…you listen to coldplay.

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