laughing with my off -ss
everyone has one, you just need to find the right b-tton

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  • labagiu

    romanian for “one who m-st-rb-t-s”. used as an insult. sinonim with onanist ( onanist also term used in romania) g-d d-mn that w-nker! da-l dracu de labagiu!

  • lauv

    a cool way of saying love, blacks arnt aloud to say it or they will be hung to the death(maybe burned to a blacker crisp) i lauv killing gays by shooting them 2 times in the head.

  • lawgiver

    lawgiver refers to toyota’s weapon of m-ss destruction in world of warcraft. www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpl1fiabe60 lawgiver while owning nothing in particularly: “did you see me lay down the law?” law giver= lazy and working. someone who is employed, usually only worked for one company etc in their life. constantly having a go at unemployed people, mainly to […]

  • 3 m&ms

    to be very close to being so fat that you can\’t get through yor doorway anymore. wow! she\’s 3 m&ms away from holy sh-t!

  • lawnmowerracer

    a savy young man who specializes in j-body technology from past experiances with lawnmower racing you are very much like the incredible lawnmowerracer

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