a name commonly used for awesome people (a.k.a: infants whose growing apt-tude result in awesomeness.) meaning: “dark princess” in persian. meaning: “night” in hebrew. lyla is also a deviation of lila, and leila. many of these names are derived from the flower-“lilac”.

also see: lila
“look at lyla! she’s so awesome!”
an abreviation of the phrase “love you like a sister”. off-hand tag to anything said to a female friend because they can’t just say “i love you” for fear of being thought *gasp* g-y.
love you like a sister
“well i gotta go…lylas”
lylas are usually beautiful, flirty, sweet and funny girls. they know how to have a good time. the party doesn’t start until they show up. you never know what to expect with a lyla around. they always surprise you. lylas don’t give a cr-p about what you think of them. they have more important things to worry about. they enjoy dressing up and looking nice, but are confident enough to know that they would look just as stunning in their sweats. lylas really are very special and rare. you are lucky if you got one.
jealous girl 1: man, that girl over there looks like she is having so much fun. i wish i was her.

jealous girl 2: yeah. i know. she must be a lyla.

princ-p-l: and the homecoming queen is….lyla!

student: *whispers* ofcourse…who else would it be?
love you like a sister
hey, i’ll talk to you later. lylas!
this name brings with it the ‘b’ triple threat. brains, beauty & booty
“d-mnnn you see lyla’s -ss yo!”
an acronym standing for “love you like a sister”, used for close friends of the female gender.

masculine form: lylabs, as in “love you like a brother”.

pr-nounciation: lee-la-s.
lizzy turned to laura and said happily, “call you later! lylas!”

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