m squared

to completely screw something up;
to destroy or masacre;
to make something that would be otherwise good, absolutely unbearable;
to completely ‘f-ck up’ something;

can be synonymus with: annihilate, decimate, murder, slaughhter, butcher, ruin, wreck, oblitherate, etc.
“dude, they totally m squared that play.”

“man, did you see that chick’s face – it looked so m squared.”
short for mac miller
“bro, you hear that m squared last night? that sh-t was ill”
a video series uploaded to youtube whenever the creators feel like it. episodes include music news, features on the south texas music scene, and random segments brought to the m-sses by the creators.
did you see m (squared) where melodie just jumped and and said “i’m a pretty little fairy!”… what the h-ll, man?

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