mabuhay squad

mabuhay squad are worldwide supporters of canadian filipino youtuber, mikey bustos!

mabuhay is tagalog for the word “live!” derived from the root word “life.”
“if you want to become a member of the mabuhay squad, subscribe to mikey bustos’ youtube channel and notifications to be notified! ”

mabuhay squad on mabuhay squad philosophy:

equality #mabuhaysquadphilosophy
whether you’re ‘sosyal’ or ‘masa’, all s-xes and gender preferences, pure pinoy, phil-canadian, and every race there is; we (with mikey being a great example) treat everyone equally, with the same level of respect.

we are #mabuhaysquad! 👊

mikey bustos : omg yes! equality! no people hate. love this one!

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