mad scone

any person that is mad and does not give a f-ck about anything or anybody
he was a mad scone when tina did not come over

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  • a chron

    someone known as the lower, more idiotic mother f-cker who smokes to much gas. d-mn jaden smoking to much fire bud has you acting like a chron.

  • owlfan

    a guy with a big speech impediment who also has autism. he looks normal, but beware, he will message you every day about hamilton. ugh, he’s such an owlfan.

  • a damian

    the definition of a total f-ckboy. who has absolutely no chill. introduces you to his whole family on a sunday, cheats on you on a monday and breaks things off on a tuesday but still asks to f-ck you. does this to 100 girls at a time “mason cheated on me with my best friend […]

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    when a desperate politician is urging terminally ill patients to get out and vote for him. the republican candidate is willing to charter buses to fetch patients from dozens of mental homes in exchange for their dead votes on election day.

  • music is on...

    …world is off a qoute made by c-ssandra in 6th grade kc in the library “music is on…,world is off”

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